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Bettina Makalintal is a senior reporter at, whose areas of coverage include food in pop culture, restaurant and retail trends, and online food culture. Previously, she was an associate print editor at Bon Appétit and a staff writer at Vice's Munchies. Before writing full-time, she worked multiple roles in the service industry.

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The Expansive Evolution of the Queer Cookbook

If Alice B. Toklas’s "Cook Book" and "The Queer Cookbook" represent two ends of the spectrum for how queerness once existed in cookbooks, today’s cookbooks take advantage of the vast middle ground

Shop ‘The Bear’ Aesthetic

Sneaky Beans, Bougie Baking Mix, and More Takeaways from the Fancy Food Show

As American Express Acquires Tock, Who’s Winning the Reservation Wars?

Why the Popcorn Bucket Got Weird

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The Fish Hot Dog Is a Great Catch

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Can Vegan Hot Dogs Achieve a Glorious Snap?

What’s Going on With Joey Chestnut and Nathan’s Famous?

Which Caesar Salad Recipe Is Worth Hailing?

10 Food-Filled Beach Reads for Your Summer Vacation

Casey McQuiston’s newest romance, a polyamorous romp through the mixology world, a pastry-filled Parisian memoir, and more have us excited for summer reading