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A collage of products including a hat, a shirt, a notebook, and pancake graphic.
Eat it up.

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Spot Your Fellow Food Freaks With Eater’s All-New Merch

Shop Eater’s brand-new store and let the world know you’re the one to ask where to eat

Love Eater? Show off your in-the-know food status by wearing it (subtly) on your sleeve — or your water bottle, or your hat, or your sleek bento set. We’re thrilled to announce Eater’s all-new merch store is here. From a retro pizzeria shirt to a guest check-inspired notebook to an exclusive collaboration with Japanese bento maker Takenaka, there’s a product for every fan of Eater — and eating. Consider these goods a shortcut to broadcasting your restaurant fandom to the world, and an efficient way to ID the others out there who are also always ordering for the table. (After all, you’re both rocking a hat that says as much.)

“We, like our readers, own a lot of restaurant merch,” says Eater’s design director and chief merch maestro, Nat Belkov. “So when it came time to design a new line of gear, we knew we had to keep it simple and go straight to the source. These pieces draw inspiration from what you might see and overhear at your favorite neighborhood spot.”

That means you can sport a crewneck embroidered with your server’s favorite phrase (“Small Plates Meant for Sharing”), a cap reminding folks “I’m a Regular,” or a tank proclaiming your insatiable appetite for “Fresh Hot Takes.” Plus, Eater’s signature Takenaka bento collection is our first in a series of product collaborations with some of our favorite brands, where we’ll be designing exclusive gear with our readers in mind.

It’s all here, along with so much more, at our brand-new merch store launching today! Keep checking back for more one-off product launches and fun partnerships with some of the country’s best designers, with the ultimate goal of outfitting you with everything you need to look — and eat — great.


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