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Shop ‘The Bear’ Aesthetic

A guide to the kitchen tools, tableware, and clothes you might recognize from ‘The Bear’

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A still image from “The Bear” in which Carmy leans over a dish uses tweezers to place a garnish.
Carmy’s plates of choice come from potter Jono Pandolfi.
Jono Pandolfi

It started with the T-shirt. When The Bear first hit Hulu in 2022, viewers, instantly taken with Carmy and the lure of the “dirtbag line cook,” had to know: Where did he get his signature, cut-just-right white tees?

The Strategist confirmed them to be the tees from the German brand Merz B. Schwanen. The show’s influence perhaps persists; as of this writing, the shirts are sold out from many retailers, despite running anywhere between $96 and $105 a pop. (Carmy also wears Japanese-made Whitesville T-shirts — equally in-demand.) Some people seem to think that a little of the chef’s short-king swagger can be shared through the simple act of sartorial mimicry.

The show has, clearly, taken off, becoming not only a piece of entertainment but also an aesthetic, as the New York Times’s Tejal Rao recently wrote. (Understandably, this kind of kitchen cosplay has come with some frustration from members of the service industry.) Bear fans want not only Carmy’s T-shirts but also his patchwork jacket (the brand NN. 07, which cites its appearance on the show, is planning a restock this fall) and his vintage jeans (many pieces have been dedicated to Carmy’s style alone). They want to know where Sydney gets her hair scarves and what cookbooks Carmy has on his shelf.

To that end, should you want to shop The Bear, here are some other as-seen-on-the-show items that you might consider.

What to buy to cook like a Bear chef

Rolls of Scotch painters tape

Scotch rough surface painter’s tape

  • $7

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Carmy and his former boss David Fields, played by Joel McHale, are both partial to neon green painter’s tape for kitchen labeling over the more run of the mill blue stuff. (Thomas Keller in particular is known for his preference for green too.)

In the kitchen of the Bear, Carmy uses stainless steel cookware from both All-Clad (classic) and Made In (modern).

What to buy to live like a Bear chef

A Leuchtturm notebook

Leuchtturm1917 notebooks

  • $28

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Carmy’s notebooks of choice, at least when he’s wrapping up his stint in Copenhagen, appear to be from Leuchtturm 1917. The one he labels “Copenhagen” looks like the company’s special edition “Nordic Blue” color, which would be fitting.

What to buy to dress like a Bear chef

Bragard Travail bib apron

  • $45

Prices taken at time of publishing.

A few different aprons can be seen throughout the show, but the most iconic ones (the ones everyone tried to copy for their Halloween costumes) came from the French company Bragard. The specific ones used on the show were an off-batch originally meant for the French Laundry, Vulture reported.

Sydney wears this mushroom-print cotton bandana in Season 3. It seems to be sold out everywhere, which is a shame since the print is great. Luckily, the cactus-printed bandana from the same brand has a similar vibe.